About Me

Welcome to Just An Ordinary Joe

Hi, my name is Joe. I'm just an average man with all the average man's issues - work, relationships, family, bills and life.

This website is dedicted to normal people, who live normal everyday lives, people who laugh and cry, people who work hard to support their families.

We all have issues or we are told we have issues.

We watch the news and its armagedon, the world is changing. The climate is changing with disease, war, starvation, mental health, job losses and politics - and yet, we will still go on trying to live. 

Everyone has an opinion, some relevant and not heard, some ridiculous and listened to.

Our peers say no one talks anymore, the truth is that’s all we do, but no one does anything.

"Social media is killing the art of conversation and communication" - the truth is, that without social media there would be no communication.

Joe will be talking about real life issues; real life stories and we will have articles from guests from around the world and from all walks of life. 

Joe hopes to invoke, laughter, tears, sharp intakes of breath, but most of all be thought provoking.

You can walk through life alone or you alone can change someones life – it is your choice.