About Me

Hi, my name is Joe. I'm just an average man with all the average man's issues: work, relationships, family, bills, sport and life.

In my life, I have suffered heartaches and bereavements. I have had times of joy, pride, accomplishment and failure.

I have been fortunate to have travelled the world met many wonderful people and some I don'ts want to meet again.

I have opinions of politics and social issues.

I have been in 'Bad Boy' situations and I have also helped a lot of people.

Everyone around me says that I should either be on stage or put pen to paper.

I will not preach, I will be brutally honest and I will talk about topics important to Average Joe.

A section of my blog will be dedicated to 30 years of travelling the world and the comical situations that grown men get themselves into.

It will invoke tears, laughter, sharp intakes of breath, price and hope.

I always said that when I got the point of sitting on my lambswool bracket with my plastic sippee cup that I would look back on my life and say WOW!

You can be a chicken plucker or you can own the factory - it is your choice.